The Mohonk Mountain House & Lake Mohonk, Marbletown

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The full sweep of the nearly eighth of a mile long Mohonk Mountain House from its 1879 Rock Building on the left to the grand Dining Room on the right poses a striking silhouette, a feature clear in both photographs. In a remarkable architectural feat of coexistence, a spa wing, whose wood and stone evoke earlier times, was completed in 2005 to the south of the Rock Building, the first major addition in a hundred years. Evident in these photographs are the variety of architectural styles and mixture of building materials.

Peaked roofs, tile-capped towers, and multiple balconies still present a scenic assemblage that echo comments made by an unnamed New York Times writer’s “Life among The Rocks” at Lake Mohonk on August 14, 1882 well before the bulk of the hotel was completed: “One house is perched high on a rocky hill; others are built on the slope; another stands boldly out over the water at the base of the hill, and yet others nestle among the trees in the background. … needless to say that the Lake Mohonk Mountain House is picturesque.” In 1882, the hotel accommodated 300 guests while today some 600 often fill the house.

In 1986, the Mohonk Mountain House and many of its surrounding buildings as well as much of the original estate of some 7,500 acres, was designated a National Historic Landmark.

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