Ireland Corners

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Located at the historic Ireland Corners in Gardiner, NY where Route 208 and Route 44/55 cross, the landmark building was built in 1865 as a ten-room hotel with a restaurant and bar. It is said that cattle auctions were held behind it. In the early years, the Ireland Corners Hotel was run by Jimmy Clinton who had emigrated from Ireland.

From 1909-1915 during the construction of the New York City Aqueduct being dug through Gardiner a short distance from the hotel, restaurant and bar business boomed. In Gardiner, the aqueduct was near the surface of the ground using a cut-and-cover method of construction. Sections of the aqueduct are still visible not too far from Ireland Corners.

In the three decades beginning in 1974, locals knew the restaurant as Benson’s, a family owned enterprise before it became the Gold Fox Restaurant and House of Pizza before closing in 2014.

Then: Dennis O’Keefe Collection
Now: Susan Lehrer

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