Dubois Fort, New Paltz

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The so-called DuBois Fort was first constructed around 1705 by the sons of Louis DuBois, one of the original patentees, as a small 1½ story stone building facing south with the gable end fronting the dirt road and may have served as a fortified space for the community although not necessarily as a “fort” as the gun ports suggest. The building was enlarged and took its current appearance in the late 1830s with the addition of a second story with an extended overhang that resulted in a south-facing two-level set of porches.

For the most part over the years, the building served as a residence for the DuBois family. However, in the twentieth century it became first an antique shop and then a tea room. Beginning in 1937 and for more than a half century until 1990, the structure was transformed into a popular restaurant called “The Old Fort” that offered rooms to let upstairs.

With funds from the DuBois family, the Huguenot Historical Society gained title to the property in 1968 and with the demise of the restaurant transformed it into the Historic Huguenot Street Visitor Center.

Then: Historic Huguenot Street
Now: Michael Neil O’Donnell


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